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My20girl YOO-RIN: If being sad is dumb, then fine, I’m dumb.

(kalau dengan bersedih menampakkan aku bodoh..ya..memang aku bodoh…)

JEONG-WOO: You said you were going to hold back your feelings. Then you’re supposed to hold your sadness back, too!

YOO-RIN: I can’t hold it! I’m so depressed that I can’t hold it! What am I supposed to do even if my arguing isn’t working?! Love, you can’t lie about love.

(antara scene yg aku paling suka dialognya..)


YOO-RIN: Before Seol Gong-chan asks me to leave, if I were to tell him that I like him, what kind of expression will he have? He may think that I’m lying. Before I leave, should I pretend to be lying and tell him the truth?


MainyoorinMaingongchan_1 You can’t breathe and your heart is not with you is it? I lied before so I know. Being stuck in one self’s lie. I can give you an amputation. I’ll poked it hard. So be prepared.

(honked the horn. Gong-chan went to talk to Sae-hyun)

(to herself) Is my heart being poke too? My heart must have been undigested. Can’t feel bad when good things are happening to others, Ju Yoo Rin. I should get out of their way now. But why do I feel so gloomy?

JEONG-WOO: It is going to hurt if u love him..(to yoo-rin)

935016946a5541710452s Count the person in your heart to 5…and if that person appears, you will fall for her.



935016946a5541709948l GONG-CHAN: Yes. Kim Sae-hyun, I’m crazy. But, I don’t ever want to go back to being of sound mind again. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to. Because as crazy as I may get, I only have eyes for Ju Yoo-rin.


GONG-CHAN: If Ju-Yoo-Rin’s here with me, i don’t think i’ll have trouble going through hard times..


GONG-CHAN: What happened? what’s wrong with u?

YOO-RIN: i don’t feel good inside. i think i overate again. it’s ok, i’ll go back first.

GONG-CHAN: Don’t think about leaving today by using the excuse of “i’m ok”..

GONG-CHAN: what should i give as a birthday gift? i’ll give u wateva u want.

YOO-RIN: Seol gong chan sshii..if that’s the case..then don’t be too good to me..what if i really like you??

aren’t you afraid that i’ll stick to you like a plaster??

GONG-CHAN: i haven’t been exactly good to you. are you asking me to be rude to you?