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Classicatomicalarmclock ..Hurt knows no boundaries. It crosses within every race, creed, religion, country, environment and age. From the very young to the very old, we each hurt, and we each feel pain, even though we may deal with that pain in different ways..

The pain should be gone by now… So many people have told me those words. People that don’t understand, because they have never felt it. They haven’t ‘KNOWN’ it, and lived within it. The world isn’t a bad place, I keep telling myself, there are just some bad people living in it. But it is hard when you fear people hurting you and yet at the same time wish them near on some level.

(once u hold my hand, hold on strong, don’t ever let go..)

11061667673g9972 ..I deserve someone who only wants ME, forever. I don’t want to be second best. Sometimes second place is better than no place at all. Maybe having someone part-time is better than to have no one at all. But the hurt is always there. I want to be loved so much, just for ME, not having to take whoever comes along just because he makes me feel good at that time. Someone told me once that I use my faults to avoid getting too close to someone for fear of getting hurt again and again. This protection, this shield I’ve built around me is hard to break now. I’m too afraid to let it down. I’m afraid to hurt. But I don’t want to be alone any longer.

I know I’m hiding in my own little utopia, my land of the hurt ones. I feel safe there. No one to hurt me, no one to judge me for what I look like. Will this pain ever go away? No. It’s there to protect us against the cruelness of this world. Listen to us world. We are beautiful, loving, giving people who are just tired of being hurt and being alone.

Written by Javier, Virginia, Kristina, Nicole and Chandra and contributed by Javier on December 26, 2000.