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“Sally!   You know what..  What’s wrong with you??!

Are you dense??  What do you mean, what’s worng with me??

What’s wrong with you!??  I know you got hurt, i respected that.

They said you needed space, so i gave you space.

you didn’t talk to me for one week.. you never called. Now This!!”

Was i supposed to see you everyday??!”


“Then why the hell you were so mad??!”

“Because i thought you were better than this.”

“Well, suprise.. I’m not. You should be happy though.

i’m fullfilling every awful expectation you have of americans.

You know what’s wrong with you Filipinos??!

You’re just so melodramatic!!

You’re not even my gilfriend….and you’ve expecting me to give you my soul or something.”

(she slapped him)…(then,crying…)..(silence..)


“Sally!!    Sally, wait!!

I don’t know if this matters at all..but i just wanted to say….. i’m leaving.”


“i’ll be posted in australia.”

“Good luck.”

“About what happened..”

“ohh, it’s okay, Will…you don’t need to explain.”

“But, Sally..”

Like you said, i’m not your girlfriend. you don’t owe me an explanation.”

“It’s just that…. i couldn’t begin to explain how.. it was awful and…. i was going through a lot at the time…

and it’s just too bad that…. you had to get hurt..”

“I know. Tough luck.”

“Sally, it’s just that…. you don’t know what it’s like that your whole life…. you feel like you’re missing parts of yourself..

like you’re an incomplete person..

and you don’t know who you are..

Sally, what do i have to do to be forgiven!?”

“I don’t know. Turn into a pig?”

“You’re not even listening!!”


“I don’t have a heart that can love, Sally!!

I lost it when my parents gave me away.  And i’m not even sure if i can still find it.”

“huhh….You don’t have a heart??!  huhhh….You can’t find it??

You have one, Will.. Broken, Yes, But Not Missing…

You can’t find it?? Are you kidding??  I already gave you the address. why don’t you meet them? why don’t you look for them? because you refuse to face them.”

“Sally, i don’t know if i can do this again..It’s painful.”

“What happened the last time was too painful. You don’t want to make another mistake. But Will, you should have looked for them long ago. So, you woul’ve found the answer to all your questions. But you didn’t. Because it’s easier for you to blame others for all your pain.   I’m no different.

We’re both looking for reasons.  And people to blame for our unhappiness.  Reasons why we don’t deserve to be loved.

But you know what the truth is?? it’s your heart.

your heart refuses to accept the fact that whatever you are….whoever you are, you deserve to be loved.

That’s why you also refuse to love.   Enough, Will.

Stop hiding behind your excuses.  Do what you must before you hurt other people.”


“Sally, i need to talk to you..”

“Will?? why do you look like that!?”

“Because this is the only way that i can be forgiven. If i turn into a pig. Don’t you remember?”

“Smartees! get out of the way, i’ll be late!”

“Sally, please! I’m begging you, just wait.”

(suddenly it’s raining..)

“Even the weather disagrees.”

(all people using their umbrella to shelter them from the rain..)

“You should thank them.”

“Thank you. Thank you..”

“I’ll give you a chance. In Tagalog, okay?2 minutes.”

I was stupid. I hurt you.. but i never meant to hurt you.”

“That was english!”

“can i at least speak in Taglish? It’s really hard.”

“Fine. Go!”

“You told me the first time, at NSO, i should come back when i’m complete.”

“mm ahhaa..”

“That’s why i’m here.  I find it hard to love a woman because how am i to give part of myself if i don’t feel complete?”

“You know i’m tired of your excuses, and now, you’ve at it again.”

“Please..Let me finish..    Sally, i don’t want to tell you that you complete me.   Cause what i want to say is this is me.  All of me.. Having you completely..

Cause that’s what you deserve.. Cause that’s how it should be when someone’s in love.  Complete.

Not because you want to be completed.  Please stay.  Because i’m staying.  it’s not because i found my family.  but because here, i’m home. i’m home with you.

I want you to know you’re the first and only girl i said i love you to.   And really mean it.  i love you, Sally.”


“I love you, Sally!!”


you’re just too good to be true..

can’t take my eyes off you…

you feel like heaven to touch..

i wanna hold you so much..

as long as love has arrived..

and, thank God i’m alive..

you’re just too good to be true..

can’t take my eyes off you..

pardon the way that i stare..

there’s nothing else to compare..

the sight of you leaves me weak..

there are no words left to speak..

and if you feel like i feel..

please let me know that it’s real…

(can watch this movie in Youtube…enjoy it yaaa…)