..taken from somewhere..

..taken from somewhere..


some quotes….

You know you’re in love when the person who makes you so happy, makes you so sad..

Last time my heart was broken, I thought it was true. I swore I would never love again and I believe that this was true. But then you walked into my life and I knew you were worth loving, so I said to myself… FINE! one last time.

Did you love me just to let me hope? Did you love me just to make me wait for nothing? Did you love me just to have someone to call “mine”? Did you really fall or wasn’t that love at all? 


I need someone to hold me when my feelings are low
Somebody to tell me when I need to know,
Won’t you listen to me, when I’m begging you to?

why don’t you save me, save me…..

tell me you love me, it’ll be alright….

save me, save me,…

tell me you need me, it’ll be alright….

(part of the lyric- Save me (why don’t ya)-agnetha-)


cukuplah..kalau diluahkan bisa jadi terlalu beremosi barangkali….