aku? hemmm… cancerian yang penuh emosi..

 ‘chemistry’ dekat di hati tapi masih belum jumpa dengan ‘si dia’ yg punya chemistry dengan aku… ;P


sometimes, can be too simple…sometimes, can be too complicated….hehehee…


like: googling & read other’s blog, browsing to see great photos esp B&W portrait..luv it…

phobia: snake – don ever show me d photos, tv shows, or real one, or anything related to it…

Before this, i used the friendster’s blog – then aku decide transfer semua entries dari blog tu ke blog ni tp comment x larat la nak angkut sekali…hehehe…;P

(blog started-2 July 2008)

This blog is meant to record my life journey, complicated thoughts of my complex mind,

observations of my surroundings, my inner voices, sweet and sour memories….

That’s why i named it “Indirect Therapy of My Soul”

coz writing is a good therapy as it allows me to express my feelings, thoughts, n what so ever…

 hemm can be heart or mind healing too…hehe…

4 thoughts on “elizhitomi??”

  1. salam,

    saya berminat nak copy entry lawatan je yogja & solo untuk kegunaan peribadi.

    termasuk gambar.

    nanti email saya ye kebenaran boleh ke tak.

    ngee. thanks.

    rgds wan

  2. elizhitomi said:

    hi..thanx singgah..bleh, except photo yg ada 2girls tu..

  3. Great writing. And thanks for linking to my blog.

  4. elizhitomi said:

    hi razali..thanx singgah n komen.. really luv all photos in ur blog..sgt cantik…suka… (berangan-angan plan nak guna khidmat mr.photographer utk wedding yg ntah xtau bila agaknyer.. 😛 🙂 ..sbb suka sgt tgk hasil photo2 tu semua cantik2…klg railway station yg dah uzur tu pun nampak cantik…suka…)

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